origens_TALLSA Decolletatge i mecanitzacions - decoletaje y mecanizacionWe are a bar turning company that since 1963 offer a personalized service trying to give the highest quality, the best service and competitive prices in the manufacture of turned parts. Covering the needs of our clients starting from a sample or detailed drawing and in all kinds of series, short, medium and long, since we have a wide range of machinery.

Quality policy: The Directorate of TALLSA, SL is fully convinced of the quality management’s importance and usefulness, in a continuous improvement and customer satisfaction framework. For that reason, there is implemented a Quality Management System based on the UNE EN-ISO 9001 norm. With this commitment of the directorate all the company staff is involved in order to follow the defined quality policy and accomplish the stated goals:

• Implement, develop and maintain a Quality Management System and encourage the commitment of the directorate.

• Meet legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the commitments to the customers.

• Follow the market’s evolution and, if possible, anticipate its needs.

• Encourage the staff’s participation and learning, aiming to a continuous improvement of the management system.

• Ensure the quality of our services and the established deadlines.

• Assist our customers by providing know-how and always trying to solve and innovate for the benefit of both, keeping an open and collaborative relationship.

• Getting a mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers in order to increase the capacity of both to create value.

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